Performing a core aeration on your lawn is one of the most useful things you can do. A core aeration pulls out cores throughout the lawn. These cores will break apart in about ten days and become the new topsoil for the turf. Because Northern Colorado is in a high desert climate it is important to perform a lawn aeration at least once per year. Clay soils should be aerated at least twice per year to increase porosity in the soil profile. Typically it is best to do in the spring and in the fall. The lawn aeration will help maximize your turfs water use by opening up the soil for better water penetration. It also helps remove thatch which acts as a barrier to water and sunlight and is a medium for disease and fungus. Another benefit is that it oxygenates and softens the soil which promotes deeper root growth. Finally the aeration will help to unlock the nutrients that can become tide up within the soil.


Most companies will perform a single pass aeration. We take the time to do a double pass to give your turf what it really needs. That’s two aerations for the price of one! A single pass will pull one core out every 4-5 inches. That’s only 2-3 per square foot. This is simply not enough. Colorado State University recommends pulling out 1 core every 2 inches. By providing a double pass core aeration your lawn is getting the full benefit from this useful technique. For an additional charge we will flag your heads to prevent hitting them with our machines. Pair our aeration with any sprinkler turn on, over seeding, or fertilization to save even more!



From the customers end there are a few things that can be done to better optimize the aeration. When preparing for our arrival, if possible, water the night before. This helps soften the soil. We can now pull a 2.75″ core with ideal soil conditions! That is almost an inch more than most aerators. This also means that we can get a deeper core than most in unfavorable conditions.  It is required to have a minimum entry point (gate) of 34″ to any section of turf in order to get our aerator machine in.  We are unable to aerate any part of the lawn that has stairs or any obstructions that restrict entry.  If needed, it is best to mow the lawn the day before our arrival as well. Tall grass will act as a barrier to the tines in our machines. Marking your sprinkler heads will prevent them from being hit by our machines. We offer to mark your sprinkler heads for an additional charge. We are not responsible for broken unmarked sprinklers or invisible dog fences. It is our standard procedure to stay approximately one foot away from the perimeter of the lawn but if you have an invisible dog fence then it is beneficial to mark that with flags as well. Please notify us of any invisible dog fences, stairs to access any turf, and any community or gate lock codes that we may need to fully access the lawn.