The best way to fight off weeds is to maintain a lush green lawn. With dense, deep rooted grass there is no area for weed seeds to germinate. Our fertilization plans give you options based on the condition of your turf. You can choose to have a one time service or a season long plan that can include aerations and over seedings. Our natural based fertilizer is a slow release formula that allows your turf to have a consistent nutrition supply throughout the year. We apply the most ideal amounts of nutrients for specific times during the summer. Our natural fertilizer is held to the highest environmental standards. When enrolled in a plan that includes an aeration we will perform the aeration right before the fertilization or over seeding to establish ideal conditions for your turf.

Performing an over seeding should be done every few years to produce fresh, younger grass that is more sustainable from new disease. Our seed is a combination of Kentucky Bluegrass and Rye grass. We use this combination of seed because some diseases, like Necrotic Ring Spot, affect only one type of grass. In this case, the Rye grass will take over when the Bluegrass has been killed. This will help cover up the disease and provide a natural solution to the problem.

We offer a water optimization treatment included in our silver and gold plans. The treatment binds to both water and the grass roots to prevent water stress during the hot midsummer months. This can reduce your turfs water needs by up to 50%! It is highly recommended for any lawn. Any services included with our plans can be ordered individually.