High efficiency nozzles have become the standard and set a new bar in turf irrigation systems in Northern Colorado. By using multiple rotating streams the water can be applied more slowly. This allows the water more time to penetrate the soil and soak into the root bed. This prevents run off and evaporation. Installing high efficiency nozzles is the best investment you can make on your irrigation system. The cities of Greeley and Fort Collins water districts will credit your next water bill just for installing these new nozzles for your turf. They can cover a much wider range than traditional nozzles as well. They are a great fix for water pressure issues, brown spots, poor coverage, and high run off from clay soils and slopes. Call us today for a free estimate to change your irrigation system into a high efficiency system that will conserve water and start saving you money by the end of the summer! Fort Collins also offers a $30 rebate for installing a wireless rain sensor. This will keep your sprinkler system from running when there has been a set amount of rain.

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