imagesStarting up your sprinkler can be confusing. We take the time to inspect every aspect of your system. By professionally activating your system you are ensuring optimal functionality year after year. This can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs by not tending to issues right away. Included in your sprinkler start up is:

  • Properly turning on your water supply line
  • Inspecting your backflow prevention device
  • Thoroughly inspecting seals for any leaks
  • Ensuring controller and valves are communicating together
  • Inspecting each head for leaks and proper spray pattern
  • Setting controller for an ideal watering schedule
  • Visually inspecting your drip system for leaks
  • Preform a visual efficiency evaluation

Additional repairs will be quoted and billed separately

Sprinkler Winterization
Sprinkler Installation
Sprinkler Repair
High Efficiency Nozzels