Achieve a beautifully green and weed free lawn!  By consistently fertilizing and maintaining weeds your turf grass will have the available nutrients and water that it needs to have that gorgeous golf course appearance.  A healthy lawn will better resist damage from dogs, kids, and weeds.  A lush lawn with deep roots will naturally fight off and choke out weeds.  By taking the time and resources to get your turf up to proper health you will save money in the long run when you no longer need as many weed control treatments.  And this is great for the environment!

Why Sonrise?

Other companies look to only control your weeds.  They have pushy sales representatives and make you enroll in a complete “package.”  Because we are a trusted Fort Collins complete lawn maintenance company, we will not only maintain your weeds but we can perform a double pass aeration, correctly program and maintain your irrigation, properly mow, AND give your turf the complete attention that it takes to yield a lush, full, lawn.   By properly evaluating your individual turf needs we can put together a personalized turf management program so that you are not paying for additional services that you do not need.

Whether it is a one-time service or an annual plan we are happy and here to help.  Other larger companies are pushy with sales and want you to not only sign up for annual plans including trees, and building insects.  Before you know it you’re paying for ant control when you don’t have ants in your area.  We are happy to provide you with whatever service commitment you’re comfortable with.

·         Free lawn and irrigation evaluation

·         Certified technicians

·         Properly insured

·         No commitments

·         Free cancelation

·         100% money back guarantee

·         Locally owned, family business

By performing fertilizations and battling weeds during the correct times, we can set you up with a program that is not only efficient on weeds but cost effective for your wallet.

Common Services

·         Natural Fertilization

·         Weed Prevention

·         Turf Weed, Pest, and Disease Control

·         Landscape Weed Control

·         Water Optimization Treatment

·         Overseeding

·         PH Balancing

Natural Fertilization

Our fertilizer is made from 100% naturally occurring nutrients.  Our slow release Nitrogen is available as the turf needs it.  With an annual plan this will insure that Nitrogen is available constantly throughout the entire year.  Because Colorado has low Iron soils, there is a trace of iron to provide the deep green look you love!

Lawn Turf is a “crop” and needs the same love and attention that a farmer gives to his corn.  It takes precise and complete attention to bring out the full potential within every lawn.  Because we are a full service company we can evaluate and recommend the correct solution to your turf.  Other companies may just continue to throw fertilizer and pesticides at your lawn because they do not specialize in irrigation when your lawn may have an irrigation issue.  Save money by correcting the problem the first time!

Our Natural Fertilizers

·         Slow Release Nitrogen

·         Includes Iron For A Deep Green

·         Macronutrients that are sparse in Colorado Soils

·         Naturally Occurring Minerals

Our Turf Care Program

The basics of our plan:

·         Four Fertilization Treatments

·         Turf Preemergent Broadleaf Weed Control

·         Double Pass Aeration

·         Season Long Irrigation and Turf Evaluations

Services can be added to this program as you need them.  This ensures you are only paying for what you need.  Others will put pesticides and herbicides on your lawn when you don’t need them.  This is damaging to the environment, your kids, and your pets.  Instead of paying companies for a “package,” trust us to save you money by correctly evaluating each lawn individually and creating a plan that best suits the needs of your turf.

Common additions to this basic program are:

·         Additional Double Pass Aerations

·         Spot Weed Control

·         Fungus Control

·         Insect Control

·         Disease Control

·         Overseeding

·         Water Optimization Treatment

·         Crab Grass Control

·         PH Balancing